Architectural Solutions that Work

To improve the ambiance of the Club and to build off the original simple design form of the building simple black cantilever shelving was added to the existing timber clad internal walls and the fire box, flue and joinery bench top were repainted in basic black and white to create a more contemporary feel for the Fire room. ... View Full Details


The undercroft carpark at the Shopping Centre had excess capacity and as with many centres had areas that had been inefficiently planned. This provided us with an opportunity to create some additional leasable area in a dead area of the carpark. There were a number of advantages in this proposal: It provided additional ren ... View Full Details


The original ski club was built in 1974. Since that time it had undergone a number of extensions that had increased its sleeping capacity by about 150%. Unfortunately with those extensions the Drying room had remained virtually as it had when the building was first built almost 40 years ago. By some clever juggling of floor ... View Full Details


  The original ski club was built in 1974. Since that time it had undergone a number of extensions that had increased its sleeping capacity by about 150%. Unfortunately with those extensions the Kitchen and Drying rooms and Communal Bathrooms had remained virtually as they had when the building was first built almost 4 ... View Full Details


The existing Market Hall had a relatively low ceiling, was very dark and the Tenancy mix and layout had been allowed to grow over the years without control. By introducing some natural light into the space, providing a more logical layout for the kiosks, creating a more open entrance to the existing Coles Supermarket and wi ... View Full Details


Prior to this development Parkmore had two supermarkets. A full line Coles that was in much need of an upgrade and a 2000m2 Safeway which was once a Franklins Supermarket. The Centre’s position and competiveness in the marketplace was greatly improved with the introduction of a new 3500m2 Safeway, new specialty mall, ... View Full Details


The entrance to the new Safeway mall at Parkmore Shopping Centre facing the newly layed-out car park resulted in a new contemporary appearance to the Centre. Elements of the existing facade were incorporated into the new facade to provide a feature that didn’t look out of place or clash with the existing elements that ... View Full Details


The existing David Jones Bourke Street store was made up of a number of individual buildings that had been merged and joined over the years to form a single building. As a result, among other issues, the floor levels were very inconsistent. The Little Bourke Street facade and rear part of the building was not constrained by ... View Full Details


The redevelopment of the David Jones flagship Bourke Street Store was designed and documented by Architectus in association with Parker Design. Eoin Barnett lead the design and documentation team for Architectus. The following concept image was one of many options produced to seek approval from Heritage Victoria to allow an ... View Full Details


All shopping Centre’s have to continually change to enable them to adapt to Tenancy changes, Consumer preferences and expansion opportunities so that they remain competitive. The first step in this process is the Master Planning. Our retail experience allows us to quickly put these options on paper to facilitate costi ... View Full Details


June 1995 saw the completion of this major redevelopment of Eastland Shopping Centre which was originally built by Myer Shopping Centres in the 1960′s. High performance glass roofs with an applied ceramic frit created a series of interconnected sun filled Malls during the day and an illuminated ceiling due to the refl ... View Full Details


Puma International had developed a strong design image through it’s international stores and although each store has common design elements each has its own character defined by local culture and site constraints. The fitout was completed in 2002 with a relatively modest area of 25m2 and an approximate cost of $400,00 ... View Full Details


This house is a fine example of ESD principles that work. An open plan, careful orientation and window placement, thermal mass and bulk insulation render this house a comfortable internal environment in all seasons. No need for air conditioning! Sustainable design is always at the forefront of our thinking throughout the de ... View Full Details


If you don’t want a Quaint Homestead or Colonial Cottage for your children to play in it didn’t take much time to decide that the children of an Architect needed their dad to design and build them a modern Cubby. This is a project undertaken by Eoin Barnett Architect + Retail Planner View Full Details


At Kew Primary School the colours selected for the new BER Building were chosen to complement and blend with the existing old red brick buildings rather than to copy or mimic. This is an architectus project View Full Details


In response to the events of 11 September 2001 the boarder Agencies and Australia Post saw a need to improve their screening of mail arriving in Australia from overseas. This high tech facility at Melbourne airport screens incoming mail for detection of contraband, dangerous and other illegal goods entering Australia via th ... View Full Details