Ski Club transformation

Ski Club transformation
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The original ski club was built in 1974. Since that time it had undergone a number of extensions that had increased its sleeping capacity by about 150%. Unfortunately with those extensions the Kitchen and Drying rooms and Communal Bathrooms had remained virtually as they had when the building was first built almost 40 years ago. The challenge of this project was to provide a new kitchen with increased amenity and capacity without reducing the size of adjacent areas. The existing Bathrooms with shared “football club” type showers were no longer acceptable so the opportunity was taken to replace these outdated facilities with smaller individual bathrooms. By dropping them half a level in the building we provided much needed additional floor space on the entry and Living Room levels to allow expansion of the Drying Room and a relocated new Kitchen of double the size of the original along with an increase of area available for Dining. Also by relocating the Kitchen so that it is no longer located over Bedrooms on the lower level we have been able to minimize noise transfer between the Kitchen and the Bedrooms below. A bonus!

In the words of the Client the result is “stunning” and “way beyond all expectations”. It also came in well under budget.

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