New Gym – Stockland The Pines

New Gym – Stockland The Pines
Category: Gallery, Retail

The undercroft carpark at the Shopping Centre had excess capacity and as with many centres had areas that had been inefficiently planned. This provided us with an opportunity to create some additional leasable area in a dead area of the carpark. There were a number of advantages in this proposal:

  • It provided additional rental income
  • The efficiency of the carpark was improved
  • A previously dead area of the carpark was activated with the introduction of windows to the Gym
  • The external appearance of the Centre facing the Western Carpark was improved and activated with the introduction of the new external entry to the Gym

The gym operation is 24/7 so external access was desirable. The levels worked and with the introduction of a new entry feature in front of the existing pedestrian ramp an opportunity for external exposure and retailer branding was created. The introduction of the new Gym to the south of the undercroft carpark entry complements and sits nicely along side the existing Library building to the North of the carpark entry which was completed by Eoin some fifteen years earlier.

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